Trekking Tours in Tirthan

Striving for excellence in Ecotourism experiences in the  Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area ( including the Tirthan Wild life Sanctuary)

Born in the mid nineties, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) realized that what the world was terming as ecotourism- a type of tourism, was already inbuilt in the adventure tours it was delivering to its guests from India & abroad!Village Walk

Sunshine eco experiences are thoroughly well researched and planned through intensive field & desk Research. Our first hand experiences in the Great Himalayan national park conservation area right from its declaration in 1999 have helped carve out over 20 programs in the core and buffer zone of this beautiful world heritage site. This ensures that our programs are informative, educational & accurate. We believe that our guests are far better skilled & travelled than us and hence we strive for giving them information which is accurate thus leading to development of faith. Nature has a way of sharpening our intuitions and that’s why we believe in showing & experiencing rather than just telling. Most of our packages are innovative leading to continued interest and lots of excitement. We encourage our guests to interact with nature & connect with the Himalayas. Our guides are trained in interpretative skills around the unique flora and fauna of the Great Himalayan National Park, thus leading to active involvement of the entire group rather than individuals.

Forest Learning program (8)

Our responsibility towards the fragile environment of the park is highlighted by the keen eye of the guides and staff who reports any changes to the environment to the park authorities so that they take the necessary measures to curb any negative effects and informed about the positives. By involving our guests and staff in discussions regarding objectives and outcomes of each eco experiences we ensure their active participation in processes sustaining the environment of the GHNPCA. We distribute the IEC materials developed by the park to have a well informed guest. We maintain an extensive photo library of all our eco experiences in order to market our tours. All guides are trained in first aid and carry a comprehensive first aid kit on the treks. An extensive list of things required on the trek is given to potential trekkers so that they come well prepared for facing the elements of nature including cold climates. All programs have a plan B and full preparedness for any emergency as the safety of the guests are of paramount importance to our company.Jiwanala 2

Thus we in the Great Himalayan National Park believe that these eco-tours are no ordinary tourism experiences. Every guest feels that they are participating in a special experience with guides and staff who are the son of the soil and feel love and responsibility towards the pristine ambience which the park has to offer. These best practices have led to our company having over 90% repeat clientele and continuous growth through the most effective marketing tool- Word of Mouth.

Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) is going to celebrate 20 years of its fulfilled educational & informative ecotours pan Himalaya specializing in the Great Himalayan National Park. Ankit Sood , the cofounder of SHA has over 20 years of practical hands on experience in trekking in the Himalayas and an accomplished trainer & teacher in the field of tourism. Aditya Sood ( Panki) cofounder SHA is an accomplished photographer & board member of the Society for Biodiversity , Tourism & Community Advancement- an award winning NGO operating in the buffer-zone of the Great Himalayan National Park.



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