Volunteering in Tirthan Valley


Business dev for local handicrafts & artisans

  • Area Of Work : Art, Handicrafts, Textile
  • Skill : Business development, Marketing, Operations, Photography, Sales
  • Project Duration : 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks

About the project – This project aims to promote local art and handicrafts. Volunteers will be working directly with local artisans to analyze current production, sale and demand and help them scale up. Work will include mapping potential markets of interest, demand forecasting, implications on production and resource management. Volunteers will also be critical for suggesting optimal marketing activities (brochures, online etc) and work will include photography, designing of marketing collateral, marketing training etc.

Typical work day – Once our volunteers are with us, we will conduct an orientation session post which we will mutually discuss and chalk out specifics of the project agenda. A typical workday will start early in the morning at around 8 Am as the Himalayan villages follow the adage of Early to Bed & early to Rise “. Project work will take approximately 5-7 hours everyday. Travel to nearby areas may also be involved sometimes, and this will mean going to the town at Banjar ( located at 7 km ) or to the capital at Kullu located at around 60 km from the volunteering site. Evenings and weekends will be free for going around and leisure. 





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